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Chengdu Pan Asia Crankshaft Manufacturing Co.,Ltd,established in 1967,is a professional manufacturer which is specialized in manufacturing Crankshaft,Racing Connecting rod and Balance shaft for Gasoline enging and Diesel engine cars.At present,the enterprise is divided into two parts,the old factory Chengdu Pan Asia crankshaft Manufacturing Co., LTD (Address:Datong Town,Qingbaijiang district,Chengdu city), the annual output is 500000 pieces of crankshafts,200000 pieces of balance shafts and 100000 pieces of Racing connecting rods; the new factory Sichuan Pan Asia Auto parts Co., LTD (address:Industrial zone of DaYing Town,Suining city,Sichuan Province),the first stage project has been realized with the annual production capacity of 300000 pieces cranksahfts(Total three projects put into production will reach annual output of 1 million pieces crankshaft processing capacity).

The mainly products and customers:4GA1(Forging),4GA3(Forging and Casting),1.5TGDI(Forging),4GB1.3L/4GB1.5L(Casting),1.9L(Forging),4DA1(493,Forging) crankshafts,4GA Blance shaft for JAC Automobile Engine Co.,Ltd;371QA(Forging),473QB/473QD(Forging),483QA(Casting),471ZQA(Forging) crankshafts for BYD Automobile Engine Co.,Ltd;Toyota 5 A / 8 A (casting) crankshafts for Ningbo,Gily, Chongqing Lifan and Sichuan Automobile Power; Toyota 4 Y (casting) crankshaft for the Great Wall, Foton and Huacheng; D22(Forging), 3RZ crankshafts and balance shaft for Mianyang Xingcheng power;283 MT(Forging) and 3100(Forging) crankshafts for CFMOTO Power; TNN4G16 (casting), TNN4G13 / TNN4G15 (casting) crankshafts for Sharp exhibition (Tongling) technology Co.,LTD; 470/474 (casting) crankshafts for Hainan mazida; Chery's 372Q/472Q (casting) crankshafts;developed 35K(Forging)/33 K / 40 K / 45 K (casting) for Changchun faw Technology center;37K,57K(Casting) crankshafts for Changchun faw Engine company;TA1 series,3GA1,3GA2,(B)53K(Casting) crankshafts for Tianjin FAW internal combustion engine company; Changsha BYD air-conditioning compressor crankshaft and eccentric sets; Export of the VW4 crankshaft etc. various “I”-beam and “H”-beam Racing connecting rods,Such as Chevrolet,Ford,Chrysler,Toyota,Honda,Nissan,Mitsubishi,Volvo,BMW,Opel,Audi,VW,etc.,be exported to America,England,Germany,Italy,Australia,Sweden,Norway,Finland,Japan and Korea etc.

Chengdu Pan Asia first passed ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 system in the  industry; Sichuan Pan Asia Automobile parts Co., LTD also passed ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 in 2009.for many years,won "excellent supplier" from JAC,Huacheng,Gily,Foton,the Great Wall,etc.New product development ability is strong, and since 2005, every year we develop more than 10 new products for OEM engine companies. Chengdu Pan Asia’s “BAOYA” brand is named Sichuan famous trademark in 2010.

On the Chengdu Pan Asia crankshaft Manufacturing Co., LTD. be founded for 47 years, the Board chairman Mr.LuoXingZhi,the General manager Mr.Liu Jiang Hua and all staffs warmly welcome new and old friends to visit Chengdu Pan Asia and Sichuan Pan Aisa,seek common development cooperation!

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